Monday, February 23, 2009

Our friend Bailey

My friend Bailey comes by our house and visits quite often. She is a Lab/Springer mix and mom says she is the sweetest and best dog of us all. She doesn't know anything. You should see what she does when mom isn't around. I would never tell though..she is my best friend. Having Bailey around is almost like having a little sister. We can talk about anything and enjoy doing the same things. Bailey also lets me chase her and tackle her when ever I want. Bailey even gets along well with the little brother. He loves her as much as me and my mom. Some day, she will be racing with us at flyball tournaments. It will be a day to remember. Lots of wet kisses for you.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Little brother

I have been so content. I had all my own toys, many frisbee's and tennis balls. Mom would take me places with her and I got my very own spot on her lap in the evening for belly rubs and pats on the head.

Someone got a stupid idea and brought home a little spotted dog. He is kind of cute but now I have to share all my stuff!!! I am not happy!

I am having trouble adjusting and I am snappy and mean. I will try to be nice but he is so annoying.