Saturday, August 16, 2008

The beginning

Where do we start? This adventure started in September of 2005. I was adopted by my mom at Petsmart as part of the Hurricane Katrina Adoption. I really don't remember much about my life before being adopted. I only remember that there was tons of water and I was lost. I must have gotten sick from drinking bad water because I had to go to the hospital and remember the doctor telling the people that I almost died. The medicine made me better and I was adopted into a wonderful home in West Valley, Utah. My mom, Jana is a Special Education School Teacher. She is really patient. I was a bad girl and chewed up all her beautiful flowers in her yard. I didn't mean to be bad but they made my teeth feel good and she kept putting new flowers outside for me to chew on. She said I was going to be puppy soup if I didn't stop. I really tried. I really don' t know if it was the plants that made me sick or if that bad water just didn't want to go away. I had to be on a strict diet for about one year. No more chewing on flowers. Mom makes me stay in a kennell now. My tummy ache finally went away and I was introduced to a fun round toy that flew through the air. The flying disc was so cool, much more fun and challenging than a ball. Mom doesn't like to play with me very much. She says that it will hurt my hip joints and I need to save myself for flyball competitions. I have tons of energy. My favorite activity at home is to tease the cat. I can make her stay in any area of the house I want. The second cat doesn't like me either, he won't even come up the stairs. Maybe it is because I guard the stairs and tease him so much.

I joined the Utah Tailblazers Flyball club in April 2007. It is absolutely the best thing I have ever done. We practice 2 times a week and I raced for the first time in October 2007. I am still trying to get better and have to work really hard. I also raced and became a full time team member in March 2008. I am currently working on my speed. Mom says I need to be able to run a 3.9 so i need to keep working on being fast. I am competing with my team again in September so stay tuned for updates. draft 12:40:00 PM by Zoey Delete

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